Little Urchin

Little Urchin


little urchin is part of my winter art doll collection for 2017/18

*wild child

*stealer of pies

*lover of salty air and bluebells

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Little Urchin is part of my winter art doll collection for 2017/18. Constructed from a pale blue cotton and filled firmly with Canadian wool, Little Urchin's face is hand embroidered and colored with ink. Her hair is hand stitched thick mohair and her antique mother-of-pearl button joints allow her to be posed in a variety of positions adding to her charming character. Her costume was created with wool and cotton fabrics and features hand knit pieces as well . All of my art dolls are heirloom quality and would be a lovely addition to any collection. Each Little Urchin doll is approximately 13" tall. Art dolls are are not intended for small children or unsupervised play.