Little Ghost

Little Ghost


Little ghost, little ghost

one I’m scared of the most

can you care me up a little bit of love?

I’m the only one that sees you

and I can’t do much to please you

and it’s not yet time to meet the lord above

This sweetest of songs by Jack White began filling my head as my hands went to work on this fuzzy little doll. Made from linen and firmly filled with Canadian wool, which is then needle felted with more wool to give a fuzzy apparition vibe. The glossy white eyes are antique mother-of-purl buttons as are the arm and leg joints which make little ghost charmingly poseable. Dressed in fine linen bloomers and a silk collar the crowning glory has to be the flowing locks of bluefaced leicester (that’s a type of sheep for those who are not fibre nerds)…they are luxurious. This doll is is 9.5” and very delicate, therefore not intended for children or unsupervised play. Each of my dolls in a handmade cotton drawstring bag for safe travels.

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